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About Anicon

Hello, let us introduce ourselves ‒ Lviv cosplay festival Anicon.

We are the biggest Western Ukrainian festival and one of the biggest festivals in Ukraine generally.

We started our activity in 2009 as a conference on problems of anime-community. It was time when cosplay movement was only making its first steps. Soon our program was enriched by cosplay-show, which remains the best part of the festival.

During its existence, our festival significantly improved its performance, but ‒ no reason to hide it ‒ in comparison with classic Western conventions we still look like amateurs (in fact as it is).

The festival is organized by the anime-club White Reflectoin – one of the first clubs in Ukraine, which was founded in 2001. Though the club has the part «anime» in its name, people gathering here are very diverse. This affected the very festival: Anicon has transformed from the anime-festival into the cosplay-festival with the emphasis on CON. In simple terms, we have many fandoms now.

Today, apart from a cosplay-show, our festival program includes exhibitions, lectures, fair, master classes, concerts, dancing parties and excursions for participants of the festival and our guests from all around Ukraine and abroad.

The key event of the festival is cosplay-show ‒ performances and costume defile based on different sources such as movies, computer games, literature, cartoons etc. In 2012 we switched to the contest format and in 2013 the selection of applications was introduced.

The festival traditionally takes place on the 3rd weekend of May. Welcome!